Bad Bugs,Bad Gut, Bad Health, Bad Beauty

I will let you in on a secret, I have diverticulitis. Doctors aren't sure what causes the diverticula in the colon, but they think a low fiber diet may play a role. Let me tell you, that s#!t hurts and will put you in the hospital, where you are on a clear liquid diet and a butt load of antibiotics. Now the messed up part is, I am allergic to the major antibiotics needed to treat it, so I have to take more than one kind and for a longer period of time. Ok, yes the antibiotics cleared the infection in the colon, but being a woman they knocked my PH all fricking off, which we all know what that leads to,
yes another type of infection, so I had to take MORE pills. This has been going on for years and it has taken me this long to figure out that the thing they gave me to get better was killing all the good bugs in my gut, which has in-turn kept me feeling crappy all the time.
                              I read that it takes 2 years after a round of antibiotics for the good flora in your gut to be healthy again. That means I am about ten years behind! I started taking probiotics with and after the meds to help keep some of the good bugs intact, but I realized it will take a lot more than probiotics to heal my gut and that I had to start taking care of the inside before it was too late. Beauty starts within, you can use as many skincare products as you want, if your insides are jacked, well, your outside can't be too far behind. I began researching and I came across a video by GUNDRY MD, I will tell you I am a little impatient and almost closed the video but something had me sit still, and when he got to the meat of it, I was looking for a pen to take notes. Seems all this time I have been missing the other half of the biotic team, not only do you need probiotics, but more than that you need PREbiotics. I was amazed that by having too many bad bugs you could suffer from depression, anxiety and skin problems among others. And amazed that the cravings for the bad stuff is because the flora is thrown off and the bad bugs are running something in the brain!
                             So bad bugs = bad gut = bad health and when you feel bad 8 out of 10 you look bad. Dr. Gundry was advertising his latest product in the video, I went to the website and there are a number of products that look interesting. I have yet to try them as they are a little high for me, but I understand you pay for quality. If anyone has taken his products, I would love to hear how that is going.
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Does your daily fiber intake amount to the muffin you grabbed at 7-11? Is more than half your water intake for the day in your coffee? I used to get onto my dad about drinking water, and he would say, "well I've had 4 cups of coffee" smh, lol. I believe beauty starts within if you continue to put crap in your body and expect to feel and look good, you're sadly mistaken. Ladies, you know as we age we have to take a little more care of ourselves. For beauty over 40, we have to eat more of the leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables and scale back on the red meats. Drink more, more, more WATER! Green tea, white tea, black tea are also great, try to get in 4 cups. If your insides aren't hydrated, then what do you think your skin will eventually look like? Pack on the makeup if you want ladies, but at night when you wipe that all off, well, the Truth Will Set You Free!

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